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Although Hu NMD Dong Philippines continues to heat up, but at the same time we also ushered in the official NMD NMD_XR1 successor shoes; news. As you can see, the new "shoe cage" design of the double redesigned NMD shoes will be used, and the upper unidirectional weave Primeknit is also another big innovation shoes. In addition, NMD signs Color Block also made corresponding changes, canceled the front module placed Logo space, using a more sense of shape, but more subtle modules replaced. It is reported that, NMD_XR1's first color will be 8 in 18, the first in Tokyo Originals Adidas flagship store on sale, priced at 17990 yen (equivalent to 1183 yuan), the domestic shelf time is unknown. The adidas Originals TUBULAR series has been introduced since 2014 and has continued to introduce itself into the world today. Following the TUBULAR Doom, TUBULAR Nova and TUB Retro jordans for sale ULAR Runner shoes, this Adidas Originals published the new TUBULAR Shadow will this upsurge and popularity continues. Looks exactly like YEEZY Boost 350 TUBULAR Shadow, equipped with a thick EVA outsole, shoes adhering to the TUBULAR series of avant-garde sense, and woven and mesh material to design. Wu Yifan, Fan Bingbing also with this season when the latest shoes with demonstration, showing a different fashion fashion atmosphere.1933, a famous French tennis player Rene Lacoste created the LACOSTE brand, the creation of a sports fashion really, over the past 75 years LACOSTE has always insisted on its unique style, advocating tough, against the show, development, advocating elegance and personality of relaxed and comfortable, comfortable and free stretch of enron. this season, LACOSTE introduced 30th anniversary commemorative shoes, black and white net cheap jordans for sale mens work uppers still create a comfortable and comfortable feeling. And in terms of women's shoes, LACOSTE launched a series of sports shoes, to the Oriental style is particularly prominent. At the same time, LACOSTE other new style also holds the relaxed Enron style, lets the person who pays attention to the foot texture to find belongs. 30th anniversary commemorative black shoes, 990 this woman's canvas shoes are most inspired by yoga shoes; they are in line with the comfort and practicality of Yoga shoes, and also love the LACOSTE style. Wear clean shoes in the design, the edge winding imprinting unique crocodile pattern, as a function of the appearance of the shoes, the shoe that not only the second layer of the skin comfortable, also has excellent tactility, lightness and flexibility, making the shoes for easy packing, and thus become an indispensab cheap foamposites le travel shoe. In addition, white and yellow are available. the Striped canvas shoes, three colors to choose from, keep the Chinese style in the style of shoes, knitted along the edge, and the girls shoes in the design of the old classical charm imitation. The sole design is the use of needle sewing, very easy way. this pair of pure white tennis shoes when the first choice in spring, there is no impetuous design and exaggeration of the color, completely pure white, and in the shoe shape to maintain a low-key Lacoste. It is worth mentioning that the shoes are made of soft cloth, and the texture of the feet is absolutely comfortable. full leather to the black Sneaker, toe tip partial but not too exaggerated, neat design to cater to the simple style, but also with the use of black in color with LACOSTE are very conservative, Cheap air jordans for sale it pays attention to more comfort. 〉Nike finally in half a year later this week to launch the Safari crack AM1 series of new shoes, new color is still very beautiful, purple, red, white, black four is really fascinating, but also believe that Safari fans is crazy. Safari Air Max 1 new color skateboard is not guilty comments on last article: Safari Air Max 1 new color matching next article: skateboarding is not guilty ?? Nordic customs? ? ? Adidas ? Originals ??? For this season's flagship , ZX , FLUX , ZERO , bringing new colors, launching the new "Nordic" series?. This series of blue, gray and white, designed to Nordic Island features embroidery totem as the theme, the Nordic style ethnic patterns combined in canvas uppers and soles, equipped with AdiPrene, bring good and comfortable wearing experience. The "Nordic" series will be launched on Retro jordans for sale August; adidas Originals designated retailers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- they're just mint green porters! 6 bright coloured peppermint shoes recommended The editors have occupied the third quarter China (XI) (NAO) divine good evolution version of "earth mother" Runtu Wei Chen, you dig your graves designer? answer prizes / as long as you dare to challenge massive tidal products free get rainstorm raid? Don't be afraid to change your focus in the rain like that! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - no more, no more!!What's UA? Did you make it?! ? ? dazzling tyrant gold New Balance Womens 9962014 summer new series of shoes, red wine temptation, New Balance M1500PRW new color design comments on last article: dazzling tyrant gold New〉In order to meet the upcoming new cheap jordans for sale year's Chinese, Jordan Brand also conform to the large flow, Year of the Horse the year of the horse to do note series. Select the Air Jordan Mid Jordan Melo M10 1 and two pairs of shoes as a representative profile to design inspired by the handsome horse, two pairs of shoes are made of black leather quality constitute the main body on the tongue, the shoe body and the inside at China as delicate embroidery into the texture of the variegated print fabric around the tongue respectively Jumpman and Air light horse word embroidery; Jordan 1 Mid combined with dark blue, purple and white leather laces Swoosh classic outsole, while Jordan Melo Melo is equipped with a blue outsole. This series of shoes will be held in January 18th in the China area on sale, then visit the major overseas designated shops. jordan-brand-2014-year-of-the-horse-pack-11.jpg (129.31 KB, downloa Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping d number: 0) download 2014-1-8 19:50 upload jordan-brand-2014-year-of-the-horse-pack-21.jpg (81.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-8 upload 19:50 jordan-brand-2014-year-of-the-horse-pack-31.jpg (104.36 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-8 19:50 upload jordan-brand-2014-year-of-the-horse-pack-41.jpg (91.55 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-8 19:50 upload jordan-brand-2014-year-of-the-horse-pack-51.jpg (81.88 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-8 19:51 upload According to a 2010 Vietnamese footwear industry development planning just approved by the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Vietnam, the country is expected to invest more than 9 trillion and 150 billion vnd in the period from 2006 to 2010 ($572 million) the development of the footwear industry, including attracting foreign investment of about 5 trillion and 600 Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping billion vnd (about $348 million). According to the plan, Vietnam will encourage investment and according to a 2010 Vietnamese footwear industry development planning just approved by the Ministry of Commerce and industry of Vietnam, the country is expected to invest more than 9 trillion and 150 billion vnd in the period from 2006 to 2010 ($572 million) the development of the footwear industry, including attracting foreign investment of about 5 trillion and 600 billion vnd (about 348 million U.S. dollars). according to the plan, Vietnam will encourage investors to invest in the production of footwear products and footwear industry raw materials, maximize the mining domestic sources of raw materials, the development of advanced technology production base, improve the yield and quality. In addition, Vietnam also plans to build centralized industrial park, t cheap jordans online o attract domestic and foreign investment in Hanoi, Da Nang, and central and southern city of Hu Zhiming as the center of development of the footwear industry by region. the planning target is an important industry for the development of the footwear industry will become the service in Vietnam's domestic consumption and exports, and strive to achieve by 2010 to achieve 720 million pairs of footwear production, footwear exports $6 billion 200 million. footwear products are an important export of vietnam. In the first 7 months of this year, Vietnam's footwear exports were close to $2 billion 400 million, an increase of 14.4% over the same period last year. The European Union, the United States and Japan are the three largest export markets for Vietnamese footwear products. (editor in chief: admin)& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Since early August, some dealers Re cheap jordan shoes for men ebok to play 5 discount off the price of 6, the part of the Shanghai auto discount rate reached 200 fold, which is to grab the goods before Nike launched ?????New action. some products below the distributor discounts & nbsp; an opening in Shanghai RT-Mart supermarket Reebok store salesperson said that now all the goods are not more than 500 yuan after the discount, such as a single coat and shoes lowest discount has been reduced to 2 fold. "The company basically does not leave a lot of inventory." & Nbsp; 2 discount off far beyond the Reebok National Agents - Yue Ba (Shanghai) International Trade Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jump Pa Shanghai") give the dealer a minimum discount amount. Shanghai Yue Pa a sales staff revealed that more than 40 stores in Shanghai, according to the results divided into A, B, C class shops, the minimum discount of 6.1 fold. Such as the East Building, Pudong Yaohan are all ideal store sales, it is classified as A grade. Some other stores due to the different locations and business strategy, were designated as B or C grade. & Nbsp; Some dealers said that now the pressure is relatively large national distributor of Reebok, although Yue Shanghai contract signed with Reebok International Pa for 16 years, but once the drastic changes, it will take great risks. But dealers do Adidas products may be better. "All the stores of investment, staffing, etc. are dealers at their own expense, after Adidas acquired Reebok, we just changed it a boss." A dealer speculation. grab before Nike Clearance & nbsp; Reebok dealers competing Yun (Shanghai) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (referred to as "King Movement" below) Sales Miss Zhang said that Reebok discount reason is that Nike to withstand a lot of clearance in September. "If the three brands put them together, then Nike, Adidas and Reebok in Shanghai's market share was 5: 3: 2 Adidas whether the discounts, not big threat to us, Nike once clearance, we The situation is very delicate. "Reviewed people competing transport also said Reebok products in point deficit does not matter, you can use the profits to make other products. NBA products are fancy & nbsp; Professor Xu Huizhong Fudan University School of Management, said that if Adidas, Reebok completed the acquisition is likely to transform distributors and dealers, which is a golden rule. & Nbsp; In his view, Adidas and Reebok's market position and different, Adidas may be more aware of their brand appeal, while Reebok route in China is price. "After the two companies merge, Adidas, Reebok will change the product ideas and marketing strategies." & Nbsp; Interestingly, the new owner of Adidas and Reebok have reached a tacit understanding on the product strategy. "We have something for Reebok discount inconvenient to speak. However, in the NBA series Adidas will increase publicity efforts." Adidas Shanghai Branch Miss Zhu said, is the NBA's sponsors Reebok, and Reebok spokesperson Yao Ming. Adidas is more concerned about the NBA star, Yao Ming's teammates by the end of August, the future star Tracy McGrady Adidas Shanghai to drum up support. & Nbsp; "Before, we did not expect Reebok and Adidas marketing strategy will be the same." A dealer such exclaimed, before the jump Pa Shanghai as a distributor, Reebok's product line begin running shoes. And for a new agency, the Reebok on keeping up with the US market, the US market is certainly the most popular NBA product, Reebok adjustment in six months most of the product lines. & Nbsp;

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