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90 hot shoes ADIDAS ORIGINALS GLC recently exposed a fresh color matching new products. The body of the shoe uppers with pink and blue color, and collocation gray paint leather toe heel decoration, tongue and triangle pattern in the bottom of the ink decoration also shows the clover shoes tide sense. The new product is expected to be on sale for $100 on February 2nd, and friends who like it can watch it. 2013-2-1 08:55 upload and download attachments (134.57 KB)

2013-2-1 08:55 upload download attachment (117.56, KB)

2013-2-1 08:55 upload download attachment (124.35, KB)

2013-2-1 08:55 upload download attachment (129.92, KB) classic basketball shoes Centennial also launched the Rasta color version... And also launched a low system and high cylinder version... Period is interesting not only vamp uses artificial leather, also used in recent years often by snake fabric in Perdformance shoe on the bright match, add some lively details in it...
download the dull black vamp (30.2 KB)2007-9-28 Adidas Centennial Rasta Lo download (43.61 KB)2007-9-28 Adidas Centennial Rasta Lo download (30.23 KB)2007-9-28 Adidas Centennial Rasta Lo

Do you know the marathon by half way to fill the pit after the first half of the dig?
when I first knew what was called speed, my life was different.

my first horse, 2007 Beijing International Marathon, used 4 hours and 49 minutes, the first half of 1 hours, 52 points, the latter half 2 hours, 57 points, the difference between the front and the half is exaggerated by more than 1 hours. After 30 kilometers, it is basically on the way, a failed case of speed distribution. To this day, I remember vividly that the famous runner Huang Zhi and Lao, who was 76 years old, surpassed me with a strange running posture. But I could only make a helpless expression which was more than enough.
I bought a GPS
as a warning for the future, watches, smart 405, I see Svejk teacher's blog, I know the pace. Yes, you are not mistaken. The name of Garmin in that time was also called Gao Ming and also bought from abroad.
marathon is a very uniform movement that releases energy and ability, just as long distance cars go far away, and fuel is the most critical. Fierce driving and slow driving speed are all specially charged for oil. A good long distance process comes from the sense of rhythm that is most fuel saving. It's called speed in running. A uniform, uniform distribution of energy until the end of the game is exhausted, just good and perfect.
just started to run Malaysia kids probably not lucky enough to experience some of the front running fast, running behind the madness of ups and downs, nine out of ten will hit the wall, that is, in the first half to his buried mine, digging pit, the second half is a lot of pain and mental to mine and fill the pit. 35 kilometers (a lot of people will go to 30 kilometers in advance), annotate the marathon's essence.

lists some typical pits, which are easily made by newcomers. All of them will be effective after 30 kilometers, which will cost people a lot:

1. Early excitement at
starts to get excited and yell, it's almost a symbol of the difference between the novice and the old hand. The excited in the first 35 km high-speed running face (remember, is running with excitement, some master speed, but not excited, 98%) are all new, 1% is not reliable with novice running rabbit, and 1% of the 400 meters after the grab shot, corpuscles.

gets into the excitement prematurely, and the body will consume a lot of energy. When people enter a strange environment, their heart rate will accelerate. The increase of adrenaline secretion will increase the energy consumption. Even if they are active, it will cause early overdraft of physical ability. As I mentioned before, running at a uniform speed is like driving a car and running long distance. It's very important to save oil. If you start with the special fuel consumption mode, it will be difficult to control it later.

two, no timely replenishment of water

also has some novice running, afraid of delay, and try to drink less water, thirst for water, this situation has a >

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