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adidas Originals's new shoe shape, listed in August, and the other 7. One in black to set the tone, sketch show on the tongue like clover, are in the shoe body side of the adidas logo, mosaic gorgeous diamond, luxury.


in recent years, with the increasingly strong atmosphere of sports, sports have become an indispensable part of people's daily life. People's keen attention to the Olympic Games, to the European Cup and so on a series of sports events, also moves the movement to the industrialization development path. As one of the main branches of sports market, sports shoes also show an unprecedented potential for market development. The continuous innovation of technology development and fabric function has made sports shoes occupy a considerable market share in the consumer market, and it is expanding into the new market area.

however, looking at the current footwear market, the competition in the sports shoes market has become increasingly hot. All businesses are also deeply aware that want in the intense competition on the market long-term, we must strengthen the brand awareness and reputation of the brand culture, will be locked in the strategy of consumer awareness of the brand, in order to win market recognition. But after all, the market share is limited. Who can occupy the limited market share with unlimited brand charm, and the answer should be found among the many sports shoes brands.

so, what kind of brand can truly win the trust of consumers? Known as the sharp Emmett Sports Goods Co. Ltd. and its "Emmett Rui" brand sports shoes, always with "first-class quality, fine workmanship, excellent performance, fashion style, the classic interpretation of history" the company's products and brand positioning strategy, won the trust of consumers and the market.

Rui special sports goods Co., Ltd is a research and development, marketing and production as one of the leading products, sports footwear sporting goods company, with a number of international advanced production lines and a variety of modern management facilities. In the strong support of the strength of enterprises, as an independent sports brand "Rui Emmett" brings together many outstanding management and marketing talent, fashion products, excellent quality and good reputation to enhance the visibility of the brand, and with every partners to maintain a good interactive relationship, the products are wide sales at home and abroad.
is so sharp special sports shoes selling, adding lies in the bold use of color, personality modification and mysterious elements, which makes the sharp Emmett exudes extraordinary fashion every hour and moment not breath. In addition, based on the natural movement of the gene, Rui Emmett also constantly absorbing the international fashion trends, develop new fashion shoes have a unique style. From the overall design to product workmanship details, Emmett shoes to delicate sharp end, and to design dynamic, fashion, personality and exceptional quality to create a There is nothing comparable to this brand sports shoes.

sports shoes Market in recent years in China's rapid development, not only led to the entire footwear market prosperity and development potential, but also for consumers to bring more surprises. In this situation, Rui Emmett brand sports shoes will be a strong product advantages under the impetus to the high-end brand market.

In addition to cooperation with the fashion designer
PUMA Hi-Fashion shoes, because of recent vintage resurgence, engraved jogging shoes Whirlwind also re launched in 80s, as a streamline appearance design, production of nylon and suede uppers classic mix and engage in EVA bottom, rubber outsole, lightweight and functional retro appearance let you recall the 80s pure good shoes, this is expected to be launched in February, interested friends can look at the PUMA monopoly.
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in addition to smoke / deep color of the Air Jordan I military High Premier version, NIKE will simultaneously launch a Obsidian / blue Air Jordan I (1) High Premier version, the two side by side, jointly composed shock shoes industry gemini. Two pairs of shoes and the preparation of the latter is different as like as two peas, with Obsidian / blue suede leather and air holes for the material, and the white midsole and outsole blue foil. In addition, the lining and the classic style is also a blue tongue tag, Vicenza, Shashi good-looking. This new product will be listed in the spring of 2010. Please wait for it.

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