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Adidas Originals by earlier that the exposure of the Originals x CLOT x Kazuki " KzkLOT" recently have further news. This pair of high-profile super popular mysterious shoes is not my first sensation, dominated by Cang Shi Yi Shu in the season in the Adidas OBYO series to find the close relationship with CLOT joint projects, currently scheduled will release a new adidas Originals by Originals x CLOT x Kazuki " KzkLOT" Superstar; 80s. Kuraishi Yi Shu will be a variety of different materials together, through the CLOT team will be modified to beautify their lines, the results will certainly support the shock of fans. This Adidas Originals by Originals x CLOT x Kazuki " KzkLOT" Superstar 80s is expected to be officially published in the spring / summer occasion, pay attention to the future reports of
famous running shoes brand; New Balance; Tropical Fruit shoes. In the summer the most pleasing thing is what color, sweet and juicy fruit must be the most attractive answer, New Balance although not produced fruit but brought us Tropical Fruit series of running shoes also beautiful enough to feast the eyes.

absorb the natural color elements of many fruit, melon, watermelon, pitaya and other fruit colors can be found in this series, a variety of colorful hit let your eye color like colorful candy too busy to attend to all design, suede and light leather and mesh material mix of other colors rich texture, classic color splash pattern outsole for the attractive fruit minus a rich taste of shoes, wearing it in summer.
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case playback

March 2016, a company and A fitness equipment company signed a purchase of 10 treadmill sales contract, Wang payment of 350 thousand yuan. A fitness equipment company in the contract period, 10 fitness equipment delivered to a company and installed services. After two months of use, a company found problems with the treadmill, such as speed, running, and skidding. Some employees were thrown off the treadmill even during running. It was certified that the treadmill was not a new machine, but an old one. Therefore, a company called for cancellation of the contract and asked the A fitness equipment company to compensate for the loss.

by case interpretation,

according to the relevant provisions of the "measures" punishment of acts against the interests of consumers and operators to provide information to consumers about the goods shall be true, complete and accurate, and shall not mislead conceal the goods provided by the quality and performance of stakes and consumer information consumer, otherwise it is fraud. Fraud is the act of deliberately creating false images, concealing facts, deceiving others, making them fall into wrong judgments, and acting on the basis of these erroneous judgments. The establishment of fraud must meet the following four elements: fraud has the deliberate fraud, fraud, fraud is the implementation of fraud by fraud and fraud, mistake is based on the wrong understanding for meaning.
In the case of
, A fitness equipment company as fitness equipment sales, should know and be familiar with the details of the sale of the treadmill, but the treadmill knows or should know that once sold were returned after the case, deliberately conceal the affect a company whether to buy or not to buy the price decision information. Meet the required establishment of fraud fraud fraud intentionally and implement fraud elements.

implementation of fraud in the A fitness equipment company, a company which provides information based on the error made the purchase intention, and to fulfill the obligations of the buyer as a whole, the main part of the transaction has been completed, meet the wrong meaning of fraud awareness and based on the wrong understanding for meaning two elements.

consumer protection law article fifty-fifth provides: operators to provide goods or services fraud, in accordance with the requirements of consumers increase the compensation for losses, three times increase the amount of compensation for consumers to purchase price of goods or services received fees; increase the amount of compensation is less than five hundred yuan, five hundred yuan. Where otherwise provided for by law, such provisions shall prevail. Therefore, A fitness equipment company's conduct constitutes fraud and should bear legal responsibility.

(Beijing daily, author: Shijingshan District court of Beijing)

we've seen a lot of basketball shoes converted to rugby shoes, and have seen quite a few PE editions. Today, the news team brought you all the shoes, ---Nike, Zoom, LeBron, Soldier, III, rugby shoes, PE. When James played for Cleveland, he used to love the local Cleveland Brown team. As a result, NIKE launched a Zoom LeBron Soldier by Nike III converted the football shoes for Clif browns. Apart from the changes in the soles, the vamp has also made some changes to suit rugby. At present, the shoes are on sale at eBay.

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