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cold autumn and winter is the season of animal pattern design, with the return of this hot element, Adidas Originals is also infected, and has launched 3 edition of limited edition. "Animal Patterns" series enabled signs leisure shoes for the design of Superstar model, presenting the leopard, zebra with gentle beige and toe sole, although the details of the design is not what color, but after all the animal body, where not to believe that poor sales. adidas Originals launches 3 edition of limited edition adidas Originals launches 3 edition of limited edition adidas Originals launches 3 edition of limited edition

earth Jingxiang since ancient times for businesses a hotly contested spot, not only because of its dense population and consumption concept in advance, and the Hubei transportation hub, regional prominent leader, a strong business atmosphere. The rise of the Hubei market is of great significance to the central region as a whole. The day before, Zhejiang India heart bird Footwear Company Limited in China shoe market to stabilize the situation, investment in energy intensive and meticulous farming in Hubei market, to enhance the marketing channel in the central region of the.

takes Wuhan as the center,

India bird Hubei branch is located in the Central Plains city of Wuhan. Wuhan is the central city center, the ancient "nine provinces" reputation, the total population of 10 million, the country ranked sixth. So, in Hubei, the center for marketing is set up in Wuhan.
According to the Hubei
India heart bird marketing chief Zhan Kailiang, India heart bird brand inception, Wuhan footwear market pattern has been set, the foreign brand, brand, brand, Zhejiang Fu Guang Chengdu brand shoes have occupied shopping malls and stores, but he has faith in Wuhan this place, I believe fashion initiation the bird shoes can be Wuhan consumers, so he began to India heart bird Hubei camp in Wuhan, in the "solidarity and make efforts" initiated under the guidance of the spirit of the bird, in support of headquarters, he threw three whip rang in Wuhan: one is to penetrate the market gradually; the two is to cultivate key customers. Customer word-of-mouth influence customers; three is to take the "shopkeeper" agency, the marketing tentacles extending to the surrounding area of Wuhan. Through the efforts of the initiation of birds in the towns of Wuhan quickly stopped heel shoes, became a contender on the market. At the same time, Wuhan has established its core status in the layout of Hubei.

walks with many legs,

financial storm swept the world, China shoe market has a certain influence, the initiation birds in the central region Paibingbuzhen, strong brand shoes and meet as equals. Zhan Kailiang said, after the financial turmoil, the initiation of bird brand in Hubei contrarian, the implementation of the "multi leg walk" strategy, from the "shopkeeper" agency in abrupt, open stores, into the supermarket, shoes, shopping centers, department stores, Hubei began to introduce local marketing talents, change the previous the couple store retailing, office building characteristics of marketing organization, regional management, comprehensive training to regional staff. In 2010, the total number of effective terminals was 15, and the annual sales target was achieved ahead of schedule. In 2011, the total number of effective terminals was more than 50. According to the 8:2 principle, 80% sales mainly on terminal customers effectively, random customers accounted for only 20%, which is at the expense of this method. After a series of actions, the brand not only has a lot of "base areas" in Hubei, but also gradually printed in the minds of consumers in Hubei.

market intensive and meticulous farming

in 2012, Huang Gaowu, chairman of Xin Xin bird company, put forward the strategic thinking of 2012, "integrated marketing network, optimized sales channels, healthy operation of stores and steady development" Rocket Boy Nift once again launched a custom designer Nike Air Foamposite One alien theme "E.T. Foam Home" this new custom, inspired by Stephen · Spielberg in 1982 launched the "alien ET" posters, unforgettable sunset forest landscape of the upper Foamposite dark suede decorative collocation and lining, seemingly low-key translucent crystal, can give out light green fluorescence at night, is to meet the theme of aliens. New products are now available on the eBay niftnif1990, like friends can pay attention to.

Nike KD 6 N7 series will continue its consistent, lead exposure with blue / black version of the shoe body totem of obscure, details with red tongue with white N7 logo, compared to the previous N7 color more high-profile.

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