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2016 challenge 100 Chongqing Railway Station perfect fall curtain, build domestic running hi play.

Beijing April 24th, 2016 100 second quarter run Chongqing Railway Station challenge perfect ending, the 300 group ran hi turn Chongqing garden expo. Endurance king Chen Penbin ran all the way, and finally completed the full 100 kilometre challenge with 9 hours, 19 minutes and 13 seconds. The golden sun running club was finished in 6 hours, 45 minutes and 06 seconds, and was the strongest running group in Chongqing. Whether it's the atmosphere of the competition, track design, or happy Party, challenge 100 is trying to offer a running friend a new running way of entertainment, athletics and teamwork.

running is not a person's Carnival

challenge 100 run together in the form of a team relay, a group of 10 people, 10 kilometers per person, and finally a 100 kilometer challenge. This requires that the team must rely on the overall strength of the team to win the championship. Challenge 100 organizing committee is just to convey that running is not a carnival for one person. Only if the team is twisted into a rope, can we create the best results and compete for the best running group.
This is similar to the
system, is not uncommon in other countries, including Hakone post in Japan is very famous, a lot of conveying talents for its running. In communication with the runners, they are very fond of the system: "can run 100 kilometers with our team, both fresh and happy."

hey earthshaking joy
100 kilometers to run one day, right? Will it be too boring? If you have been to challenge 100, then you won't ask! Chongqing Railway Station not only set up the game area, you can not only play basketball machine brush points, but also doll machines, you can grab dolls for girls, especially beautiful girls such as cloud Chongqing.
Central Plaza, regularly staged performances, blooded songs, amazing rhythm, make people excited, for runners, are not independent, follow the rhythm to speed up the pace. In addition, there are Sparta barriers, plate support, aerobics and so on, full of the Dangdang, so that you do not stop at the bottom! "Play it!" It's also the most often spoken word for a friend.

magic and child
Track View
"you can't find a sloping road in Chongqing!" Before I came to Chongqing, my friend described it to me. When I came to Chongqing, I finally understood the meaning.

Park track, you can hardly find a flat, steep slope, large slope type S slope, through several bridges, many runners really abused a back. "It's too hard to run. It's all up and down!" "This track is very beautiful, but also very difficult, too little, almost all in the uphill downhill." BG beauty running team and Chen POI after the game described this.

second pillars marathon leader chat with reporters when he said: in fact, park track fortunately, a lot of places in Chongqing than here is also difficult to run a steep slope. "

nba nearly a year since the new television contract price, a large number of players worth soared, a huge contract be struck dumb. This summer, the free market many big stars, Star Warrior Stephen - Curitiba finally ended their "child lives", he will be in Jinzhou warriors signed a 5 year of more than $200 million super contract. This will also be the largest contract in the history of the NBA, of course, the library is fully capable of worthy of the contract price.

library child career ended
Treatment of
alliance now also attracted the envy of the legendary legend. So recently bulls legend "tiger" Rodman told Sports Illustrated interview: "now the League let me envy, inflated many players worth casually are top salary. To be honest I have some regret born too early, I think if I get 50 million in this environment, as Jordan and I think he can get 1 hundred million, this guy in any era is the most special."



Rodman for the league today always look eyes, but rather some taste. Rodman occupation career is over 7.3 points +13.1 rebounds, defensive fierce. His 50 million aside, but Jordan is some truth.

Olajuwon and Jordan

Jordan in the 1996-97 season, 1997-98 season, the annual salary was 30 million 140 thousand, 33 million 140 thousand, 20 years ago, Jordan has now got James as high salary, at that time Olajuwon's salary is only about 10 million. The 2 season of the league's salary cap is respectively 24 million 360 thousand and 26 million 900 thousand, a person holding higher than the team's salary, are listed separately in the salary cap, there is the most special of that time. We can see, Jordan is 3 times the star salaries at the same time. A player like Olajuwon in is now $30 million, a simple conversion, Jordan can now take 100 million really is not nonsense.

but as the basketball gods he deserves, as Rodman said, in the time of Jordan is the most special!

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