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2015 ending, Adidas Originals new shoe type NMD finale unveiled! Following the global conference in New York, two first color matches will come to China in December 10th and take the lead in JUICE Shanghai. JUICE host, China culture pioneer Edison Chan will personally to the scene, and all the people together to celebrate the birth of blue blooded NMD shoes.

focus Adidas Originals NMD set Micro Pacer, Rising Star and Boston Super classic shoes of the essence of the design in one. As early as 1984, the Adidas Micro Pacer on behalf of the frontier technology level at that time, metallic leather appearance, motion sensors embedded in the tongue more attractive. Subsequently, Adidas Originals was born another essence of Rising Star, as the ultimate shock "building blocks" king, with blue / red two multi density block seismic concept, is the 80s climax of the representative of slow shock technology. With the new Boston Super classic, classic grey Ganso lets a person cannot divert attention, smooth retro outline, is a collection of two classic PHANTOM and CENTAUR and marathon running shoes. In addition to the essence of heritage, NMD is also equipped with Adidas's most advanced BOOST shock technology and Primeknit vamp material, which can be regarded as the masterpiece of the past. There is no doubt that the advent of NMD will open a new generation of urban life, redefining the "modern" shoes design with both fashionable leisure and technological movement characteristics.
JUICE in the Shanghai shop on the first floor in addition to display the upcoming December 12th sale of NMD Runner_R1, Adidas Originals Micro Pacer and the original copy of Adidas Originals Micro Pacer in 2000, and Rising Star and Boston Super replica are amazing eye, and switch is two NMD under the different collocation of shoes city scenery in the red and blue lights on make comprehensive sensory experience the endless imagination. The two floor is 3D Consortium special NMD reflective design reflecting the essence of science and technology, all kinds of equipment collocation journey around the NMD Consortium, which represents the nomadic city without borders, to explore the future has become the coolest way of life.

always loved trendsetter Adidas in 80s science and technology products, and NMD will collect the essence of body, and has extremely pleasing appearance, is inevitable)

click on the picture to see a "little sister" what to wear shoes

often someone will ask me, now the girls love to wear what shoe?

I remember the wave group of a few years ago called AJ Girls.
But so many years have passed
have you studied the sister who loves to wear a Air Jordan?

"little sister" what to wear shoes Vol.3

tell you the answer to this question!!!

(WeChat because the compressed image quality reasons, we hope that the future Miss sister can contribute in P drawing process, the attention does not want too compression quality, this wall will show the most beautiful you!)

@A Oh yo tour. //Air Jordan 1 " Black Toe"

@L. //Air Jordan 13 " Hyper Pink"

@ Boini. //Air Jordan 11 " 72-10"

@ //Air Jordan 4 " River attack; White Cement"

@RAYmelo //Air Jordan 1 " Bred"

@ do you really think I love you now ah //Air Jordan 3 " True Blue"

@akk //Air Jordan 13 Low " Hornets"
Dr. //Air Jordan
@ adorable 12 " The Master"

@Miraculous. Jordan 1 Mid " //Air; New Love"

today is the theme of Miss sister

but we don't ignore you big brother
Many of you are in our
submission material library

will soon appear in the Journal of display wall
keep your submission enthusiasm!

see good-looking on foot, you do not want to own beloved shoes to take a group? Please hurry up!

this is our feet shows, you?

to contribute!

writing rules
1 must be on foot Sneaker, does not limit the brand

2 images may not have watermark or other information

3 can not accept photo picture show that for >

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